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The SmartGate is a wireless RFID based automatic school attendance system offering a complete Student Attendance monitoring solution. Students carry an RFID based I-Card with them during the school day.  It’s simple like normal ID Card.  The card is presented to the RFID reader upon either entering or leaving the school premises.  The RFID reader is located in a walk-through gate.  As soon as the card is presented, the reader is able to identify the student, their exact location and the time.  

The student's parents are then immediately informed that they have arrived on or have left the school premises by means of a real-time automatic SMS.  The message may take the format of, “Mum/Dad, I've arrived at/have left school”.

Automatic attendance is also registered for the school providing school administration with access to real-time attendance data from anywhere in the world.

SmartGate is a completely web-based Student attendance system, which means that no further computers, internet or LAN wiring is required.  The system is plug and play; all you have to do is switch in on.

The system automatically generates daily, weekly and monthly attendance reports allowing schools to accurately monitor each individual student's attendance.  This enables clear identification of any problems, which can be swiftly dealt with and rectified.  There is also a daily absentee report, providing instant access to data.

SmartGate School Attendance System has been clearly shown to improve student attendance and also significantly reduce the time spent and costs involved in manually monitoring and recording attendance details.

Child Safety India is the leading manufacturer and supplier of wireless RFID smart card based Student attendance management systems in India. We have been providing systems to schools and colleges across the country for six years.

Both our hardware and software is fully customised to meet each client's requirements and budget after we conduct a detailed analysis of needs.

Working Protocol: When Student walks through the gate , attendance will marked and automatic SMS will be generated & sent to Parents.

Easy as A B C D

A  | Buy Online
Purchase online through bank transfer or Cash Deposit. By Courier Device will send.
B  | Switch ON the Device
After getting device just put the power.
C  |  Auto setup
Wait for two minutes device will automatically connect with our server.
D  |  Now it is ready to use
Upload The EXCEL student File, now it is ready to use.
•         When Student Show the Card on Device, Auto SMS will Delivered to Parents mobile.
•         Wireless Plug and play system [Just need to put power].
•         NO Wiring Required
•         Web based interface, REPORT can be monitored from anywhere across the world.
•         No need of Internet to run Hardware.
•         No need of computer to run Hardware.
•         Daily absentee report.
•         Daily attendances register.
•         Monthly attendances register.
•         Less administration work.
•         Improve student’s attendance ratio.
•         Very easy operations, no need of skilled or professionals.
•         Customized report.
•         Real-time Student Entry Dashboard.
•         I Activity [ Built - in  Notification System ]

How to Order? 

There are only four steps to installing our smart gate system. Obtaining and operating the
SmartGate reader/Walk-through model is easy. Simply purchase online and the system will be delivered by courier to anywhere in the country.  Locate your system in the correct place for student monitoring and switch it on.  Wait for two minutes whilst it connects to our server.  Upload your student data by means of a standard Excel file.  You're now ready to go.

Note : There are a lot of Chinese knock off products on the market. These products are untrustworthy and can often fail to work properly, leaving your school at risk. Please ensure that your product is a Smart Gate product. We manufacture everything in India. This means that you can rest assured that the product you will receive is a quality long lasting product. Get the best for your school

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