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• Improves student’s safety and security by keeping an eye on his activities in real time.

• Makes tracking thousands of students at the same time easy.

• Maintaining students and staff records becomes easy-going.

• It is a simple way to conserve students attendance on daily, weekly or monthly basis.

• Also very appropriate for parents to keep a watch on their children from home.

​• Reduces manual efforts of the school management and is highly efficient.

• Makes communication smooth between the organisation and the parents with two way communication solution.

TRACK - From Home To School ...... School Campus ...... School Activity ..... Return Till Home.....

How it Works ?

Smart Badge |

Children are the future generation. They are the most precious assets of our country. Even in the National Policy of children 1974, it is declared that children are the “Supreme National Asset”. Also the National Policy of Children 2013 states that the directive principles of state policy specifically guide the State in securing the tender age of children from abuse and ensuring that children are given opportunities and facilities to develop in a healthy manner in conditions of freedom and dignity. The State is responsible for ensuring that childhood is protected from exploitation and moral and material abandonment. Unfortunately, dangerous incidents occurs in an alarming rate every day. In 2013 according to national crime bereau nearly 58,000 children are missing in India every year. It is almost 165 children every day. In this modern time both the parents are working and they remain busy from morning till late in the evening and could not manage to keep the track of the child’s schedule. Does the parents be worried about their children when they go out of their houses? Which is the place where the children spend most of their time? School!! Yes, school is the place where the child spend almost the entire day. How would it be if the parents could get to know all about their children inside the school? Is it possible? Yes, now it is possible with smartbadge. It is an all new concept which is established for the first time in history. It is real time location system (RTLS) which facilitates the parents to track their children from the time he leaves home till the time he returns back home. The parents gets all the notifications about where their child is whether on the way to school, in the classroom, in the canteen, in the bathroom or whether out of the school once the school is over.It also becomes difficult for the management to keep a watch on each and every student. Smartbadge makes it effortless for the organization to keep an eye on every single child and eliminates uncertainties. We also provide provisions which can assist the parents to know which class is going on or which teacher is teaching in the class. It becomes easy for the parents and the management to keep a track of the children and reduces manual efforts.

Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS) are used to automatically identify and track the location of objects or people in real time, usually within a building or other contained area. Wireless RTLS tags are attached to objects or worn by people, and in most RTLS, fixed reference points receive wireless signals from tags to determine their location.[1] Examples of real-time locating systems include tracking automobiles through an assembly line, locating pallets of merchandise in a warehouse, or finding medical equipment in a hospital.The physical layer of RTLS technology is usually some form of radio frequency (RF) communication, but some systems use optical (usually infrared) or acoustic (usually ultrasound) technology instead of or in addition to RF. Tags and fixed reference points can be transmitters, receivers, or both, resulting in numerous possible technology combinations.  RTLS are generally used in indoor and/or confined areas, such as buildings, and do not provide global coverage like GPS. RTLS tags are affixed to mobile items to be tracked or managed. RTLS reference points, which can be either transmitters or receivers, are spaced throughout a building (or similar area of interest) to provide the desired tag coverage. In most cases, the more RTLS reference points that are installed, the better the location accuracy, until the technology limitations are reached.A number of disparate system designs are all referred to as "Real-Time Locating Systems", but there are two primary system design elements: