Child Safety india Rfid Attendance System For School

We would like to introduce ourselves as Child Safety India, we are India's premier Smart Attendance Management System, dedicated to partnering schools and parents to ensure optimum safety of children and rigorous attendance management. Our expertise lies in providing schools across India, with simple yet superior  attendance management systems, that keep both schools and parents reassured of their children's attendance and their safety.

Armed with a unique wireless RFID system, that comes with its own built-in internet facility and supplemented  by the latest in Global Positioning System Technology, GPRS, Radio-Frequency- Identification, VSAT and Wireless Satellite Technology. 

What do we do ?

  • Child Safety India provided Smart Attendance systems that track the child's attendance using a simple smart card, that transmits the parents mobile an SMS that the child has reached / left school.
  • We use the latest in GPS technology to monitor school buses - their position  and their timings .
  • We specialize in school automation systems- proving a host of services to monitor and track the child's academic progressing a host of bio metrics ,passive card base UHF, Retina, Vane detector, Touch screen based devices and many more as per your requirement.

What is our USP ?

  1. Wireless Plug and play system [Just need to switch the power on].
  2. Web based interface, can be monitored from anywhere from world.
  3. Not corrupted by virus
  4. Very economical.
  5. No need of Internet to run Reader.
  6. No need of computer to run Reader.
  7. Daily absentee report.
  8. Daily attendances register.
  9. Monthly attendances register.
  10. Less administration work.
  11. Improve students’ attendance ratio.
  12. Very easy to operate, no need for skilled professionals.
  13. Customized report.
  14. Real-time Student Entry Dashboard.
  15. Report on Email & SMS every day
  16. Our hardware and software solutions are customized according to the school's needs,.

​Market Leader

Child safety India is based on complete Indo German Technology and all the devices are design in India. We don't use any Cheap products. In India many companies are providing cheap low class products and try to implement such type of products but all the products are complete failure in educational sector.

Child safety India provides high end software and hardware with customized solutions as per their requirements . We can design hardware or software as per your requirement and your budget. We have a wide range of RFID biometrics and surveillance system for school automation and educational institutions. We have world's latest communication related products also. Our all products are wireless and connected with clouds and GPS. Our support team and technical experts are monitoring the complete cloud 24X7. All the data are protected by encrypted format in our cloud servers. We provide wide range of biometrics passive card base UHF, Retina, Vane detector, Touch screen based devices and many more as per your requirement. All the devices are design in India and manufactured in India only. All the products can run in worst condition. All the devices can be monitored from anywhere from the world through wireless technology. User can see the performance health status of device from live dashboard. All devices are with artificial intelligence that means device can automatically start on fixed time and switch off automatically on pre-defined time. There is no need of any human interference to run all the hardware. We use many type of cards in our projects like 125 k 800 to 900 megahertz 2.4G cards 2.6G 433 megahertz 6 megahertz and many more. We provide RTLS which is real time location system also. As per your requirement we use different type of cards in our projects. We only use high-quality products like zebra and alien chips. In biometric devices we can provide fingerprint, retina, face detector, vain detector and many more. Our fingerprint detector can scan very fast fingerprints with0 error.  Our biometrics devices are very strong and can be used in any type of environment. Our biometric devices are wireless and plug-and-play that means there is no hardware needed to run this biometric devices. The reports can be monitored from remote locations. E-mail and SMS can be customized and integrated with this hardware. We do not compromise any type of quality. Our all devices come from high quality testing and can challenge any type of Chinese devices.

For unhealthy competition, some vendors are trying to complete the requirement to low quality hardware’s and software’s but we suggest you that please beware from all those products and companies. We have the largest student enrollment in our database across India and also have largest hardware implementation in India.


Our all products are manufactured in India and all devices are made with highest quality testing. Each device passes through 11 hard quality testing.  All the devices comes with standard warranty and all the devices are repairable in India after warranty.


The National Policy of Children, 1974, declared children to be a “Supreme National Asset”. It pledged measures to secure and safeguard all their needs, declaring that this could be done by making wise use of available national resources. A fundamental Goal of a school community is to help students learn and thrive to the best of their abilities. Unfortunately, dangerous incidents at or around schools occur at an alarming rate. In this situation Child safety India for school contains clear and precise steps for managing various types of school emergencies.

World has changed very dramatically.Every parents are worried about their child. They are feeling insecure when their child's are out of the house.  Since last 3-4 years the graph of crime is rising gradually every day. If you wish to save yourself the time and agony of worrying each day and hour whether or not your child has reached / left the school safely, then Child Safety is your only Answer!Now whether you are at  work or home you can imagine your child walking in and out of the school and get instant Text SMS Notification on your Mobile Phone. “Mummy/ Daddy, I am in School Now! Life couldn’t be simpler, could it?This system will reduce the tension of parents and build a good relation between school and parent. They can trust that the school is serious about their child safety and security.   


We provide latest 100% DATA security technology with SSL. We do not share the data any Circumstance. 





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